What do we pay for the lifestyle that we live from day to day? 40 hours a week, maybe even 70 or 80 if you have a demanding job. A couple thousand dollars for rent, wi-fi, food, and going out with friends a couple times a week. Waking up earlier than we’d like and going to bed exhausted just to wake up early again. Sound familiar? Maybe not all of it. Some people make their own hours and have a lot of control over their time. Some people have low demand jobs that leave them with plenty of energy to pursue other interests after a long day. Still some have fairly simple lifestyles that don’t require very much money at all so their money isn’t that important to them. I’ve discussed before on the power of focus, now where our focus is coming from, rather than where we’re directing it.




There are three different types of currency: Money, Time, and Energy. An example I’ve seen is that the ideal lifestyle would incorporate having all three simultaneously. When you’re young, you have energy, and time, but no money. As an adult, you have money, and energy, but no time. As a senior, you have Time and money, but no energy.

Many people look at their lifestyle from the viewpoint of money. You look for a better job, better pay, better benefits. What are you really getting out of it? More hours, more responsibility, less time with your family or friends, less job security. Ask yourself if this is actually life changing money? It’s probably not. Now ask yourself what life would look like if you started looking at it from a time perspective. Less hours, more time with friends and family, more time to pursue interests. What would it look like? How would it feel to only work a couple of hours a month? Tim Ferris covers this extensively in his book “4-Hour Work Week” which I have recommended on numerous occasions. If you change which currency you’re looking at your lifestyle from, life will show you the many ways that you can achieve that same or better lifestyle through those means. Most people only chase money because they’ve never realized they can chase their time and make it more valuable. I always like to keep in mind that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. This is true through many aspects of life and should be applied here. I hope you enjoy and begin to expand your context, changing your reality.







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