Have you ever been unable to understand how somebody couldn’t grasp such a simple idea? It’s infuriating! You’re explaining this so simply that they HAVE to understand your point of view. I mean, how could they not…you couldn’t possibly be wrong, right? Wrong. The way we see things, and the way we see the world is our perception of how we see the world. If you’ve ever talked politics with somebody who shares opposing points of views as you, you will completely understand this. (don’t worry, this isn’t a post about politics or my personal views.) It’s very difficult for us to see the world through someone else’s eyes because we haven’t experienced the same hardships and victories that they have. But how difficult is it to see the world differently through your own eyes? How do we change own perceptions? I recently shared a discussion about this with my wife when she was going through some difficult times. Our conversation went something like this:


R:” I’m scared. Yup. I’m overwhelmed, stressed, and scared.”


 H:” of failing, or of the future?”


 R:” Failing. And struggling.”


 H:” Then don’t look at it as failure and struggle. Look at it as development and strive. If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”


The conversation continued forward from there with my wife telling me I was wise. The truth of the matter is, I think many of us have heard that phrase before. “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer. I first heard the phrase about 12 years ago. I was young then, only maybe 13 or 14 years old, and I thought I knew what it meant. I had no idea what it meant in reality. Not until the other day when I was talking to my wife. Because I realize that through all of my endeavors I had learned how to look at the world differently. Through all of the books I read, and the failure I’ve gone through, I don’t perceive challenges the same way. I look at failure as an opportunity to learn a better way of doing something. I see opposition as another way to look at an argument. I can see possibility through the smallest gap. I’ve been able to stop negativity from affecting me. I guess the point I’m trying to make is. The world isn’t against you. The world doesn’t give a shit if you succeed or fail, and you will fail. The world is only what your perception of it is. If all you see is a bleak future in a dead-end job, a boring life, and piles of debt. It’ll come true. If you see the world as immense opportunities, wonderful adventure, and amazing experiences…that will also come true. Success is your own perception of the world. If you want to change your life, change the way you look at your life.




Humans see what they want to see.” – Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief




Learn to look at difficulties as opportunities and your life will change.





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