If you’re anything like me, you hate running. the thought of running literally makes you want to throat punch somebody. Unfortunately for me as a soldier I have to run…at least a little bit. So last year I took a “week off” of PT that turned into about 9 months of not working out or running, drinking more than I probably should, and eating second and third helpings of my wife’s fantastic cooking. the result of that immaturity was not only did i gain 50 POUNDS(!), but i also became so grossly out of shape that while I could still (barely) pass my push ups and sit-ups, I was failing my two mile run by about two minutes. fast forward to now and I’m down nearly 40 pounds, passing my PT test, and getting better at running everyday, almost to the point I enjoy it. Now, if you’ve ever been to Africa during the summer time and tried to run you can understand how difficult it is to breathe. That was the problem I encountered once arriving. I ran four to five times a week for 3 months and would fluctuate between seeing progress, and seeing my time fly higher than it had ever been. on top of the heat I also caught bronchitis early in my deployment. everything seemed stacked against me for my run, so I turned to the best solution I can usually come to when encountering a problem: I find the best book on the subject and I read it cover to cover. for this particular scenario I needed to find a book about how to run better, and more importantly, to learn how to breathe while running. After looking through a few I settled on Running On Air by Budd Coates. Inside the book Budd talks about how many people don’t pay attention to their breathing, and when they do…they typically do it wrong. he’s found a form of rhythmic breathing to not only increase performance, but also decrease injury and body fatigue. Once I began implementing the techniques in this book I saw improvement within three days. dropping two minutes of my two-mile run, as well as dropping about four minutes off of a 5K held on post. This book isn’t simply for the poor runner either, Budd Coates trains everybody from high school runners all the way up to professional marathon runners. If you’re trying to improve your run be it for fitness, weight loss, competition, or a mandatory PT test, this is the best few dollars you’ll ever spend!

“Movement is the best form of medication. Anytime you move, it makes your brain sharper. It makes your mind sharper.” – Conan McGregor

Set a good pace and stick to it,




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